Chester, New York
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A man from JAFLO co. came up our 400 foot driveway/road, ignoring our signs!

Handed me a paper folder, more tree cutting! He said we will be coming onto your property! I told him "I want you off my property, you are trespassing!" I told him of my 25 years of tree cutter abuse! He left!

Probably back Monday with his tree butcher/shredders! This is abuse! Of our land, water environment! Politicians don'/t care!

They do nothing, except pass the buck! Karma will come! FYI they will see it!

But it will be too late ! There is no justice !

This reviewer shared experience about "land and tree abuse!" and wants this business to "stop the abuse !" as the author lost $11000. blancoh0 is overall dissatisfied with Jaflo and uploaded picture s. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Goshen, New York, United States #996843

Must have hit anerve for the Henrieta, New York guy!., I have been there! What a hole!

. He probaly lives in that shack I saw with the wrecked cars and BIG BIG pile of beer cans outide next to the garbage pile ! He rents that shack too.

So he also wworks for some tree cutting/shredding scums. He has Lyme disease so I will have to forgive his lack of understanding about home and land respect !

West Henrietta, New York, United States #996791

Even your user name indicates you are a fool.

You can be electrocuted by a tree touching wires if you touch the tree.

Trees that contact wires can ignite.

Trees touching power lines are killers to wild life.

OSHA mandate vegetation be a set distance from powerlines. That distance is determined by the Voltage used to push the power along.

All companies are trimming to the same standard across the entire United States.

6 acres is nothing. In Britain they move entire villages from the high power tower type powerlines.

Had the worker not come up your driveway your type would be the first to cry "I didn't know!" Grow the *** up and get a life. Your kind sickens the American working man.


Everyone knows one should NEVER purchase a home underneath powerline towers. Not only is it a MAJOR health risk due to EMV and related absorption in the human body, you also have to deal with constant maintenance of the equipment and access to said equipment.

to Barb Wire Goshen, New York, United States #949561

We are NOT under the power lines! You missed the point!

We are on 6.40 acres! The lines are on our land. Not over our home. The abuse and continued devaluation of our home and land is the point !

Your comment is common knowledge. Do you have any worthwhile information or just repetitive jibber jabber ?

Goshen, New York, United States #946461

Now NELSON TREE COMPANY is here cutting down & shredding our trees ! Why can Rutherford, New Jersey have beautiful tree lined streets ?

They care and the Town has a wonderful policy that works to save the trees and not cut them down . O&R should go there and talk to them ! NO, they won't !

It is easier to cut and shred ! Karma !

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